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Sudoku Assistenten 2.0.2
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File Size: 1.6 Mb

Sudoku Assistenten 2.0.2

Publisher:Havard & Erlend Graf f
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Publisher's Description:

Sudoku Assistenten - Sudoku Assistenten was created by sudoku enthusiasts, for sudoku enthusiasts, and its sole aim is to offer anything and everything a sudokucrazy person would want in a sudokuprogram, for free!

It will both let you copy/paste any sudoku you can find into the program as well as typing it in manually, or you could even create your very own sudokus from scratch without any pre knowledge.

This is both fun and highly addictive!

Once in the program you can choose from many different approaches to solving the sudoku, both with and without pencilmarks / candidates. If you get stuck, Sudoku Assistenten can provide you with a lot of different hints and tips, from a simple nudge in the right direction to complete graphical explanations that are both easy to understand and educational. This also makes the program a great learning-tool for both beginners and the more advanced sudokusolvers.

Opening and saving your sudokus is also made very easy with a unique .sud filetype that will both remember your solving progress, as well as the original sudoku board.

This file, along with your comments, can then be shared with your friends, or even with the whole world on the programs online forum where people come to exchange and discuss sudoku. Any questions / suggestions about the program can also be directed straight to the creators there.

The list of features also includes an accurate rating of any sudoku, the possibility to export and print sudokuboards, and a unique "analytical mode" that will provide you with a new perspective into the world of sudoku.

Our only hope is that people will enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed creating it! :)

List of Changes:

Version 2.0.2 from 2006-01-18


Download Now
File Size: 1.6 Mb

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Latest User Reviews:

Michael6761 2011-08-05 22:21:21 #
Version: 2.0.2

This does not be quite the tool I am looking for.
I wanted a tool that would help me keep track of viable canidates in the open spaces and I could have fun interacting with in solving a puzzle.
But when I updated candidates, the tool completely solved the puzzle taking away the fun.

Pilarpinaroa 2010-07-20 06:07:47 #
Version: 2.0.2

Because I am writing a program to solve sudokus, the main interest for me is the evaluate option.
Also copy sudokus for input of my program.
Still I use other functions as well.
I think the product is very good as it is.

Best regards

Cecilloving 2009-09-02 10:09:06 #
Version: 2.0.2

It is a great help on those hard you get games that you want to know the answer to. this is a fun way to make your own games and it is ease to use.
Thank you

Trudellian 2009-06-23 02:01:06 #
Version: 2.0.2

The program is really useful and great fun, but where oh where is the help file?

Domantz 2009-04-19 21:48:07 #
Version: 2.0.2

being about to create one's own sudoku's the plus point. only thing, the buttom weren't very user-friendly. i kept having to redo a new sudoku as my previous one kept being replaced by a blank one.

Pvz56 2009-04-03 09:36:32 #
Version: 2.0.2

This is the TOP software for sudoku solving. You can solve yourself, let the computer solve it for you, or anything in between. It lets you import sudoku puzzels from anywhere by simply pasting from the clipboard almost anything that resembles a 9 x 9 matrix. Rally great!. Free! Completely satisfied. What else can I say?

Hfrazer 2009-04-02 03:18:44 #
Version: 2.0.2

I was wanting an answer to a 6 number sudoku (3 across 2 down) to an impossible kids homework, after adjusting your system by deleting all 7,8,9's managed to get it solved. Thank you. May use for its intended purpose now I have it.

Soapy 2008-05-20 10:54:47 #
Version: 2.0.2

It`s a goodun!

Hey, I learnt more about solving Sudokus in a few minutes with this programme than since I started doing than two years ago!

Uli 2008-03-27 14:01:23 #
Version: 2.0.2

Pleasant Surprise

Wonderful program, can make you a SUDOKU junky

Jark 2008-03-22 23:00:13 #
Version: 2.0.2

Most enjoyable

I enjoy very much Using this program because it is not too hard for me to solve. I doesn't solve any task for me, other than I enjoy the program. Helps me to relax. Ruth

jark 2008-03-22 22:49:47 #
Version: 2.0.2


This is good but not what i thought it would be so i see very little use for me thank you for the opotunity to try it

jules7 2007-01-19 19:11:24 #
Version: 2.0.2

not what i was looking for

i wanted to play sudoku, not make them.

Author's Response:
making sudoku is just one of the features of the program. If you like to just solve sudoku, you will find that the programs online database of sudoku has thousands of hand-made boards (by other users) waiting to be explored. And if you get stuck, the programs "hint" feature will help you on the way! :)

Download Now
File Size: 1.6 Mb